Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Between

Ahhhh spring! I think people everyday wake up with the same feeling of — yaaay spring and i'm gonna wear this and that and finally winter is over (unless, it's raining unexpectedly and the whole day will ruin for that)

And i remember other words came from the mouth of the same people at the beginning of September, moi aussi! I'm the same person who said "OoooooOoooohhh September #hellyeah" at the first day of the month when i felt a little breeze,but why is that? Why the weather controls you when in fact you can have a little bit of both! i'm talking about this time of the year... 
                                                                               “A Controller.
Like anyone else, I can't wait to go more light in clothes now, though i lovee winter and layering, but i guess it's a human nature, we always want what we can't have, don't we? but this time of the year gives you everything, like why you hate it, i mean i don't care i wanna wear cropped pants and tops, i wanna feel fresh and tanned OhMyGod, but also at night i wanna feel the chill and wear a little from both, say a wool jacket with nothing underneath! what? jk!, No.
That's why i changed my mind about this time of the year. And i love it.

So Do you agree with me in that theory, or you are a straight person when in comes to seasons, Winter, Spring, summer or Autumn person?  

Garance Dore Instagram photo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gone With The Wind



Yea yea it's just me playing at Zara (i know i mention it a lot, but its one of the stores, no one of the Few stores in Egypt that satisfy me perfectly with good clothes, simple as that.) Found the pic on my phone as i took it in mid winter, and the story behind this pic goes like me find the perfect coat at a low budget (not that low too), here i wore it with my perfectly mall outfit — sweat pants, white t-shirt and a sweater. At the end, i got home with the idea of waiting the sales to get the perfect coat, you see that's my problem right here >> dying to have a thing, making it my main issue in my life like its essential and i can imagine wearing it in a million different way and my wardrobe will sink without it, seriously, not kidding! Waiting the sales, can't find the piece, or find it in a different size and last piece which drives me insaaaane.
Count how many dreams didn't come to life because of this idea. oh dear god... #brainstorming, but now i have this new dream! of having a light loose trench coat for spring, well its an old dream, in fact last spring i dreamt about the idea of having one like this but in white, but i love this one more (see, Zara always makes my dreams come true)...
So should i get it now, or make it another dream on my _Gone with the wind_ board?
here's the new one, good eh?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Between The Lines

The eyes. important part of our faces when it comes to beauty, mysterious and it need to be enhanced, specially in some eyes like mine, small, light lashes but thank god, good eyebrows, So i go smoky sometimes but if i wanna feel a bit dramatic i double it with... Eyeliner,
It's a problem for lot of people, and still an issue for me till now, seriously two years ago, i didn't know how to put it at all, but it just need a little practice and with the right liner, you'll do it, because if you start right, you'll continue to love it and apply everyday, but if you started wrong, you'll give it up, so here's a few different applications of liners to choose from, from left to right:

Monday, April 14, 2014


One of my dreams? That i can see girls my age In my country gathered all together at the same place with the idea of  "I'm over skinny jeans", well it's not over, technically and personally i still love them.

I remember a guy once said to me, why all the girls wearing the exact same skinny jeans on the streets?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Peplum Is Not Dead

I have a question, Why we all so in love with dresses? furthermore when we go shopping for dresses counts a major deal — like i'm looking for a DRESS!— but the fact is that this dress will be only worn one time and the only next time you'll see it in your next spring cleaning, so instead of throw it away in the back of your closet again, play with it! oooh yeaaah...

It's not a new thing, i mean layer a dress, but a peplum patterned dress is another thing, since i don't see peplum quite often (WHY! I, myself crazy about peplum again since Rochas winter 14) So i object! 
— Okay now you have two deals with the price of one —

And since we all have a gazillion girls inside of us (that's secretly hidden), i'll show you three identities  today, okay No. One...

1.The Editor kinda gal: This is me in another world, in my office ordering everyone to wear not just black this day, yea it's a busy day but you if you could wear a peplum for a whole busy day, you'll pass me.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Body Goal

“Well i'm one of the girls that you could be jealous of, people keep asking what do you do, whats your secret, your diet, i bet your addicted to the gym right? yea that's what i thought too, even men was like: your in shape, do you play any sports? —My answer was i do nothing and eat crap, shut up i'm fat.”

Okay, that was my talk 3 years ago.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Precious Bag

I remember when i first saw this bag on the arm of Lena Dunham aka Hannah at GIRLS, i screamed the hell outta me, ahhhhh my bagggg! myyy lovely bag ohhh, she carries it everyday like me, from season 1! but mine here is a lot worst, I have it since i can't remember when and i was carrying it every single day, till it lost it's color and the leather fall apart, i didn't care and kept carrying it, so when i saw it with Hannah i was like, Aha, yea Girl! great Geek people think alike.

Monday, March 24, 2014


That brief moment of lighting a sparkler from another one... makes a huge effort to become a whole in a fucking beautiful way.